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Trust in the Practice of Life
Trust in the Practice of Life
Trust in the Practice of Life
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Product Description
As love is shown in deeds, so trust is shown in the practice of life. The trust that Jesus desires is neither an emotion nor a single, momentary act. Rather, it is a relationship with Him touching all the aspects of our life. Faithful fulfillment of God's Will is an irrefutable proof of trust in the Almighty and Merciful God.

This new book beautifully shows how the will of God, revealed in the Ten Commandments, is a gift of Divine Mercy. It points out that in each of them there is a precious good that God safeguards and offers to us. The book is inspiring as it presents how one is to receive the gift of God's will so that living it by grace, we may enjoy true and lasting happiness.
  • A fresh approach to the 10 commandments
  • Practical, current, positive
  • For the true lover of Divine Mercy
Paperback, 212 pages.