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A Gift From God For Our Times
A Gift From God For Our Times
A Gift From God For Our Times
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Product Description
This biography tells – in a simple yet rich way – the inspiring story of the life and mission of Saint Faustina. It is written by Sr. Elżbieta Siepak, OLM, a religious sister from the same order as St. Faustina and an authoritative expert on the Saint.

Sr. Siepak presents the unfolding of St. Faustina’s mission in the plans of Divine Mercy. She illustrates how Our Lord gradually unveiled to St. Faustina her role in bringing Divine Mercy close to the people of the entire world as well as St. Faustina’s heroic “yes” to all His wishes.

This book contains delightful incidents from St. Faustina’s childhood and adult life, showing the Saint’s affectionate, human side as recorded in the source materials from the archives of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

Simply beautiful. Easy to read.

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Paperback, 136 pages.